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Secret Moneii

Secret Moneii We shot with this beauty Secret Moneii  several times and have a ton of footage. Secret Moneii is the stripper/model/entertainer with the most sexiest tats ive ever seen. Her body is just as sexy and amazing as well. -This model is Full Nude in Members Area- http://sexyassladies.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Secret-Moneii-Ig.mp4

Secret Moneii 2017-04-02T03:45:48+00:00

Loudon Lust

Loudon Lust   Toochmagooch is sexyass redbone we found out in Sacramento California. She is tall as hell with an oh so sexy body. Toochie reminds me of a playboy bunny with her sex appeal,and she is definitely NOT a shy one as you will see with her pix and video in members area. http://sexyassladies.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/loudon_lust_tiddysss.mp4

Loudon Lust 2017-03-25T19:57:29+00:00

Jade wit the fade

Jade wit the fade   Jade wit the fade is sexyass redbone we found out in Indianapolis,Indiana. She is short but stacked in all the right places. Jade wit the fade is a very popular entertainer and it was a pleasure shooting with her in Miami. we shot for over a three day period so we have quite a bit of material of

Jade wit the fade 2017-03-25T19:18:20+00:00

Dreamy Love

Dreamy Love   Dreamy Love is a thicky thick we found out in Atlanta. Dreamy Love aka IamDreamylove lives up to her name because she has a body that men dream of. Nice personality ,flat stomach ,phat ass,nice boobs, what more can you ask for? Shot with her years back before her new look ,looking forward to shooting with her again in the

Dreamy Love 2017-03-25T18:56:51+00:00

Tia Simone

Tia Simone Tia Simone is sexyass redbone from outta north Carolina. She is 5'5" with a phat round ass and a nice rack of boobs to match. Tia simone hasn't been on the social media scene too much lately but thankfully we have a bunch of pix and vids of her that we shot in Miami a few years back. Tia Simone is another EXCLUSIVE

Tia Simone 2017-03-25T18:29:53+00:00

Jazzmin Jonez

Jazzmin Jonez  Jazzmin Jonez is a model that we seen on instagram and just knew we had to shoot with.She is a thickass Beauty with thick thunder thighs and a round plump ass .We have lots of footage and pix from this shoot and it was really a sexy  one. From the bed ,fireplace , to the Jacuzzi ,we left no stone unturned with this beauty. Her

Jazzmin Jonez 2017-03-16T18:50:48+00:00

Nani Blanco

Nani Blanco   Nani blanco is a Puerto rican butter pecan cutie we found out in the Bronx Nyc. She is short but stacked as hell .  Nani Blanco has one of the rarest tattoos I have ever seen on her boobs. join in and see what I'm talkin about...

Nani Blanco 2017-04-24T13:25:26+00:00


Sharita Lives ( no longer available) click all models for our other sexyass models in menu

Sharita_lives 2017-08-15T01:58:48+00:00

Adriana di ossi

Adrianna di ossi Phat Butt model/entertainer Adrianna di ossi is sexyass Latina we found out in Los Angeles California. She is tall as hell with a big sexy booty. Adrianna di ossi reminds me of another playboy bunny except shes not a skinny flat ass type. She is tall,small waisted with a big ass and thick thighs,you will love what you see in

Adriana di ossi 2017-03-25T19:23:19+00:00

Ms caramel delight

Ms Caramel Delight aka Dawn Yea she strapped Caramel delight also known as the real dawn yea she strapped has a 47 inch ass with the famous butterfly ,her Worldstarhiphop.com video was filmed by Mike from Sexyassladies...a must see in our members area ! -This model is Full Nude in Members Area- Caramel Delight twerk on bed http://sexyassladies.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/bed.mp4

Ms caramel delight 2017-03-07T20:36:29+00:00
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